What is Software ?

Posted: April 15, 2009 in Software Engineering
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Software is designed and built by software engineers

Software is used by virtually everyone in society

Software engineers have a moral obligation to build reliable software that does no harm to other people

Software users are only concerned with whether or not software products meet their expectations and make their tasks easier to complete

Software is both a product and a vehicle for delivering a product (information)

Software is engineered not manufactured

Software does not wear out, but it does deteriorate

Currently, most software is still custom-built

SEPA 6 Edition, Roger S. Pressman

  1. Hey, you have wonderfully defined the things here. Ecommerce or commerce through internet and other telecommunication medias have helped business ventures world wide to generate lucrative profit

  2. hi admin. footer is error link. if you loading a cache plugin, your website is be very fast :)

  3. I disagree with the fact that most software is custom-built. I would argue that most software is prepackaged. Think of the millions of people who use QuickBooks or Microsoft Office for example.

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