Moonlight – Open Source Implementation for Silverlight

Posted: July 15, 2009 in Internet, Open Source, Open Source Reference
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What is Moonlight ?

Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight (, primarily for Linux and other Unix/X11 based operating systems. In September of 2007, Microsoft and Novell announced a technical collaboration that includes access to Microsoft’s test suites for Silverlight and the distribution of a Media Pack for Linux users that will contain licensed media codecs for video and audio.

I tested it in Linux Mint 7 and it works fine with Silverlight 1.0 website. The bad thing, it not works in Silverlight 2.0 :/

Screenshot-The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site - Mozilla Firefox



Next Release ?

Moonlight 2.0 still in Preview Release, this version will be compatible with Silverlight 2.0

Minimum Requirements…

An x86 or x86-64 computer with at least 128 megs of RAM to use Moonlight, Firefox 2.0 or Firefox 3.0.

Links :

  1. Krisna says:


    I’ve tried it before on Imagine Cup Website
    and didn’t work

    any suggestion?

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