Restoring GRUB in Debian

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Open Source, Open Source Tutorial
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GRUB get wrong, can’t boot the system, but don’t panic

One way to do this, graphically, and easily, although the process is longer than some methods…

Okay, this is the step :

  1. boot your debian installation CD/DVD
  2. select ‘advanced options’
  3. select ‘graphical rescue mode’
  4. select language
  5. select keyboard layout
  6. it will take a while to scan the CD
  7. configure the network
  8. configure clock
  9. finally…enter rescue mode…
  10. select the device to use as root file system, which should be the device where debian install is located (example : /dev/sda1)
  11. select ‘reinstall GRUB boot loader’
  12. enter the device for boot loader installation, usually type this “hd0”
  13. installing grub
  14. select reboot system
  15. the end…you get your system back
  1. jfox says:

    This was awesome, THANK YOU

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