C# and VB Coding Standards

Posted: February 2, 2010 in Programming
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This document contains coding conventions and style guidelines that will ensure that C# code will be of consistent and superior quality. It includes general coding guidelines as well as discussions on naming, formatting, and language usage patterns.

The purpose of this document is to provide coding style standards for the development of source code written in C#. Adhering to a coding style standard is an industry proven best-practice for making team development more efficient and application maintenance more cost-effective. While not comprehensive, these guidelines represent the minimum level of standardization expected in the source code of projects written in C#.

This document provides guidance on the formatting, commenting, naming, and programming style of C# source code and is applicable to component libraries. web services, web sites, and rich client applications.

Document Conventions
Example code is shown using the Code font and shows syntax as it would be color coded in Visual Studio’s code editor.

Download Full Document Here

  1. bi says:

    Hi, looks promising but the download link stop working…

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