(First Time) Using Blender

Posted: February 23, 2010 in Programmer's Life

I got a tutorial from my friend about how to developing 3D Model using Blender. I can say he is a Blender maniac :)). In that tutorial, I learning some basic concept how to use Blender. I think blender (and other 3D software modelling such as 3ds Max) is a very-very complex tools. I’m little confusing, because the is so many buttons and menus. However, Blender provide much much key shortcut so it is very quick to change one feature to another.

Here is the screenshot about my very first object, yeah, it is a chair (in the programming it is like the first time i creating “hello word” program)

In the second day, we creating more interesting object, the name is Blender Boy, yeah, we starting created human object, but you know, its is very complex, soo many vertices to create. But i’m done creating it’s face (yeah it’s face only and take more than 3 hour for newbie for me to created it)… i think the face is a little weird… i need polish it later :))

Oh yeah, in the tutorial we use Blender 2.5 (Aplha 1 Version), it is very great tools when we compare it with older Blender version.

This is all new Blender 2.5 (i think the UI similar to 3ds Max 2010, especially for it’s dark theme)

And this is older release, Blender 2.49

Here is the competitor… 3ds Max 2010… best 3D modelling tool, it’s heavy, need a lot of computer resource (not as light as Blender)


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