A.R.M. Card, Dream Build Play 2010 Entry

Posted: March 9, 2010 in Game Programming, XNA
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Here i want to share my experiences with my team when developing games for the Dream Build Play 2010 competition. Our team total of seven people (In fact there used to be ten people and six other people resign themselves because of their final assessment, now left only four people and there are three new people join). Here my role as a 3D programmer whose job taking care of 3D Visualization such as Skydome, Particle Effects, cameras and so on (Fairly complicated because i must deal with the concept of computer graphics, etc… of course… Vector3 )

Okay… we make games titled A.R.M. Card which is an improved version of our previous games. A.R.M. Card is an extension of the Auto Rebuild Machinery. Genre of A.R.M. Card itself is a combination of card games and turn based strategy (like Final Fantasy Tactics). The story set in the future, wars,  using machines that comes from the card and can be regenerated (like Yugi-Oh, it’s not the monster that came out but the War Machine:))) This war machines in the form of aircraft in may different shapes (it is cool anyway).

In story short, this game actually has started to be developed since early December, the beginning of this game is a final task of Game Developing courses. Well … because this game was made with very very hard work … it was decided also to be included to Dream Build Play 2010 competition. At first I was shocked because the deadline schedule advanced to March 3 .. shit … how come the committee advance the schedule, last year, the deadline date of August 6.

Apparently, in January the game development process is quite prospective… we managed to recruit great photoshop designers, digital music artists, and 3D modeling artist, and of course the remaining 4 programmers from the former team earlier (including me). Plus we have two Xbox 360 machines to test our game.

But the development process began to appear much difficult, some of our members are, especially some of our prorammer got “lazy” disease as a result -__-, H-5 before the deadline, there are still a lot part of the game that have not been resolved, for 3 days before the deadline, we continue to work overtime. .. in the final seconds of deadline …network still buggy, unfinished menu (waahhh… @_@).

Finally we succeeded submit the game, although there are still many shortcomings here and there:))
Our plan, the development of this game will continue to proceed because it will be included into the local IT competition (rather than useless .. haha)…

A.R.M. Card
To Be Continued …

Credit :

  1. Mario as Project Manager
  2. Azer as myself as 3D Programmer
  3. Ony as Network Programmer
  4. Nucleux as UI Programmer
  5. 7thHeaven as Music Composer
  6. Hime-Sama as 3D Modeller
  7. Rendi as 2D Art Designer

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