Subversion… How Important It Is??

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Programming, Software Engineering

Subversion, or also known as SVN, is an open source application version of the controller that can set the software development process conducted by a group of programmers. CollabNet Subversion is created by holding the trademark “Subversion” and still maintain this project. A 2007 report by Forrester Research recognized Subversion as the sole leader in the Standalone Software Configuration Management (SCM) category and as a strong performer in the Software Configuration and Change Management (SCCM) category. Subversion uses the Apache License, making it open source.

The first time i’m using SVN, I feel this application a bit confusing, in fact often makes trouble. However, when making an application in a team, and we developing a complex application, we can feel the benefits. By using SVN, intergrity of our code will be maintained and more easily and in coordination with fellow team member.

Oh yeah, SVN is not only used in developing applications projects, but could be in the development of other projects, especially in projects related to many documents and many members of the team. For example, my friend use SVN for Open Movie Animation project using Blender. :D

In my laboratory, i have subversion system using VisualSVN  installed in a Windows 2008 Server. It has a good performance although it just free/standard version. In the client side, i’m using combination of TortoiseSVN + VisualSVN CLient (with using VisualSVN, you can integrating Visual Studio and SVN System).

One of SVN feature, we can view SVN Repositories using https protocol

It is the last words… if you are geek (umm…i mean software developer) and never using SVN… try it.


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