Posted: April 3, 2010 in C#, Programming

I get something weird when i want to test my silverlight application, my silverlight website is not loaded properly… when i run my application, it get stuck in loading animation.

Oh yeah… the other bad thing is, my Expression Blend 3 is not giving any error message (yup… Blend is very bad when we need to debug). So i try to run my silverlight application in Visual Studio and i get the error message :P

And then after searchin’ on google i get the wrong thing :D

Here’s the explanation when you get same error as me

  1. In your .xaml file, you have an attribute which is not supported by XAML parser.
  2. In your .xaml file you have declared an event for a control, but didn’t implement the event handler for the same in .xaml.cs or .xaml.vb file

For now, to better understand what is causing these errors you should take a careful look at your XAML to see if something declared is missing or wrong.


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