CUDA Driver on Sony VAIO SZ750N

Posted: May 15, 2010 in Computer
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I have Sony Vaio SZ750N with NVIDIA 8400M GS, according from NVIDIA Website, my graphic card is supporting CUDA architecture. Somehow, i cannot install original CUDA Driver from here. After some time struggling, i got the problem, In every Vaio notebook, Sony already modified graphics card to fit in Vaio Notebook, consequently, you cannot install original driver (NVIDIA isn’t currently allowed to make drivers for Sony) and you must install “official” graphics card driver from Sony Website. Of course driver version provided by Sony don’t support CUDA Driver.

But i got the solution, thank’s to Antonio Gulli’s article, now i know how to enabling CUDA in my notebook.

Here’s is 3 simple steps for enabling CUDA in Vaio notebook (This solution should work in any type of Vaio that equipped by NVIDIA graphics Card)

  1. You must install Visual C++ 2005 or later (in my SZ750N already installed Visual Studio 2008)
  2. Install modified CUDA Driver from In my SZ750N i am installing NVIDIA driver v197.44 for Windows 7/Vista 32bit version. You can find the instruction for installing modified driver from here.
  3. Install the latest version of CUDA toolkit.

If success, when you run CUDA Visual Profiler, in System Info, you’ll get something like this :



  1. deden says:

    thanks for share.. great post..

  2. benben says:

    wew.. mantab! ini laptop bisa OpenCL-capable klo dikasih Hackintosh 10.6.x

  3. Alexandre says:

    I’m still having the same compatibility error ;/

  4. zipgunII says:

    was wondering whether you can use this driver on 64 bit windows? currently running 190.40 driver and works, but no cuda.

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