Error Spawning ‘cmd.exe’ When Compiling Visual C++ Project

Posted: August 27, 2010 in C/C++, Programming

When I was compiling my C++ project, there was an error,—-Error spawning ‘cmd.exe’.

If you get error like this, the solution is very simple,

Just open Tools –> Options –> Projects and Solutions –> VC++ Directories

and add this lines :


  1. Andrei Andone says:

    Thanks!!! It works!

  2. freddie says:

    thanks soo much u’re the real don

  3. Durgesh Kumar says:

    Thax it works..:) thank u very much i was having a lot of problem due to this….:) n u sloved mah problem. thax again..:)

  4. picogenkaku says:

    thanks bro! :D

  5. Peggy Moore says:

    Thanks! Appreciate the info.

  6. marko says:

    thanks a lot

  7. Chamari says:

    Thank you
    it solved my problem

  8. Mahasha Retshepile says:

    Thanx very much…it fixed my error

  9. Kiwi says:


  10. andruew says:

    thanx it worked. you are simply the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. sahil bareja says:


  12. linda says:

    thk uuuu so muchh,u save my life

  13. Packman says:

    Thanks man .. it worked … :)

  14. Megha says:

    Thanks for the help, really appreciate it :)

  15. Sreeram says:

    Thanks a lot

  16. richard says:

    i only see vb defaults. i can’t see vc++ directories

  17. Marija says:

    thanx a lot :D

  18. Gaurav says:

    hey i am having same error but i cann’t find such type of path in my Visual studio 2008 any help u can do??
    Tools –> Options –> Projects and Solutions –> VC++ Directories

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