Goblin XNA Testing

Posted: October 31, 2010 in Game Programming, XNA
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This is my current implementation of my Augmented Reality Project using Goblin XNA, simple one (it is just displaying one 3 model and shadow mapping implementation), but i hope in next time can update my progress with video :P

nb : thanks to Adityo Marhananto for 3D Model

  1. stefanos says:

    Hello guys,

    I am reviewing some of the AR toolkits available and I recently came accross the GoblinXNA. I am currently on an Augmented Reality game project for my MSc thesis and I would like to ask if you have implemented animation with goblin. I have read some comments in the official codeplex forum but I haven’t figured it out. Can someone have animation in Goblin? If yes how is this done? Can someone import animation from e.g. 3d studio max, blender, maya?

    Thank in advance,

  2. bedarob says:


    How do you add shadow to your model? I cant apply shadow for my model just for the built-in objects, like box, shere etc…

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