AR Defense Screenshots

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Game Programming, XNA
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Here are some of images of my game, AR Defense :)

Enemies are spawned from four portals and they have objective to destroy main bases.

It’s me beside the marker board, looking at the computer screen :)

Yup, its Danbo :)

Another point of view…

Using cards to summon more defense unit to attack enemies

  1. This is a stunning work! awesome

  2. fadlikadn says:

    wew….gamenya mantap mas… :)

  3. […] ARDefense adalah game yang memanfaatkan marker-based Augmented Reality untuk bermain game Tower Defense. Instead of menggunakan joystick untuk menaruh posisi pesawat, kita berinteraksi dengan meletakkan marker-marker pesawat dan melihat hasilnya di layar. Game ini merupakan karya rekan-rekan dari ITS dibawah bendera .Saya yang jarang bermain game pun tertarik untuk mencobanya sebentar. […]

  4. mestinya menang nih kemaren…. mantab…

  5. Hey Azer, great game, I’m trying to make something similar, but with one character being controlled by the player like in a typical shooter game. Ideas on how I can begin would be greatly apreciated.

  6. areischile says:

    Hey Azer, great job ! what type of UI did u use? the UI that comes with GoblinXNA? please tell me. Thank u!

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