Android SDK Offline Installation

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Android

I think Android SDK Manager is quite awful, since it doesn’t have configuration for proxy authentication. But i found a simple way to download all the SDK components by using direct download link. The trick is on repository.xml which contains url paths to download all SDK components.

Look at every </sdk:url> tag and you’ll found filenames of each component, for example:

<sdk:archive os="linux" arch="any"><sdk:size>45476658</sdk:size><sdk:checksum type="sha1">c054d25c9b4c6251fa49c2f9c54336998679d3fe</sdk:checksum><sdk:url></sdk:url></sdk:archive>

So URL path to download is

One disadvantages by using this way is you’ll be confused the directory structure where each SDK components will be placed. So here’s the directory structure (plus the download link) :









SDK Readme.txt

SDK Manager.exe

  1. submonkey says:

    installing squid may fix proxy configuration problem

  2. umek says:

    yes. i think proxy is no more problem.. many way to configure with proxy

  3. hey,that was really nice..but there is some problem with add-on.xml.plz help me to solve it also.

  4. John Earnest says:

    what a great information, android will be the king of phone flatform….

  5. murtaza says:

    you rock dude….thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:-)))

  6. anonymous says:

    hey, thank you for this tip!

    what does mean the ‘”” in “platforms//” ?

  7. cristaloleg says:

    So…if I want to install I must extract this
    archive to android-sdk/platforms/ ???

  8. Yury says:

    Thank you man, but i also found archive withandroid sdk offline on russian torrent server there are repository for linux, windows and mac os x.

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