WoW Server Emu

Posted: May 16, 2011 in Game, Open Source, Open Source Reference

I’ve just known a cool open source project for WoW Server. The name is Skyfire Project, the only WoW server that’s compatible with Cataclysm Expansion. This project was derived from TrinityCore Project. Skyfire has two parts, SkyfireEMU and SkyfireDB. SkyireEMU is the server app, written in C++, and SkyfireDB is the database, using MySQL.

Generally this Skyfire runs very well, but of course has a lot of bugs. These bugs somewhat made me furious but what you can expect fot a project that’s still so green. This project gave me some understanding in how a complex system works that have thousands line of code and hundreds of tables (difficult to understand too).

Thinking this project has potential but pity, has quite small community. It’ll be improved better if there’s a lot of people to contribute, yup, open source project common problem :(


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