Android x86 on VBox

Posted: June 2, 2011 in Android, Open Source Tutorial
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Here are simple steps to run Android on PC, of course it uses virtual machine, like virtual box.

Okay, the first step of course download Android x86 ISO

Then, download and install Virtual Box mine is using Windows 7 x64 but Virtual Box x86 version runs perfect.

Then run Virtual Box

Create New Virtual Machine, Operating System is Linux and Version is Other Linux

Set the Memory to 512 MB

Create a new virtual harddrive, 2 GB of space should be sufficient

Finish! Your VM is ready, then right click on your new VM and click Settings, On Storage option, add android-x86 ISO file.

The boot the VM, choose Installation on the menu

Then choose Create/Modify Partitions –> New –> Set as Primary –> set as Bootable –> choose Write, then you can format the new partition into ext3 filesystem

Hey, it’s done !


  • Disable Mouse Integration, right click mouse icon on the lower right
  • Shorcut keys: Home/Menu = Windows key; Back = Esc
  • To connect your Android VM to Network, simply press ALT+F4, type netcfg to know VM’s ip address, to toggle screen back press ALT+F7
  • On your host computer, type adb connect [VM’s ip address]

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