Xdebug on Apache Webserver

Posted: July 28, 2011 in PHP
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Xdebug is necessary if you want to debug php website. Xdebug comes with a single dll file that is attached to Apache Webserver directory. It looks simple but it could be complicated in practical ways.

My notebook is running Windows 7 x64 and using Apache bundled with Xampp, so i download x64 bit of Xdebug, i didn’t realized this was wrong. Actually my Apache is x86 version so what i really needed is Xdebug x86 :)

Then what i did was copied my Xdebug dll file into C:\xampp\php\ext and then added this lines into php.ini file:


Here’s a screenshot produced by php_info() :

A trick to know what Xdebug version that suits Apache version is quite simple, go to this page http://xdebug.org/find-binary.php, ctrl+c and ctrl+v your html code of php_info() .


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