Posted: October 17, 2011 in C/C++, Programming
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vector, in C++ can act as a ArrayList,  similar to Java or C#. vector itself is included as a part of STL. In this article i just introduce some basic usage of vector, the rest can read here.

Here’s the instantiation of vector:

std::vector<AnObject*> objectList;

To add a member, we can use push_back()


vector’s size it very simple to be obtained:


The fun part of using vector when we’re accessing its member, it’s same as we use array :D


To delete a member, it is little different, we should use iterator:

objectList.erase(objectList.begin() + a);

When a is the index of a member we want to delete and objectList.begin() is a method to obtain the initial iterator.

  1. picogenkaku says:

    please provide some examples. :) thanks ^^

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