Launch launch Launch Saturn V

Posted: January 22, 2012 in C/C++, Game Programming, OGRE 3D, Programming
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Hi, it’s been long time since my last post. I’ve just finished a project titled “Launch Launch Launch Saturn V”.  I made this using OGRE 3D and Bullet Physics. Oh yeah, if you want to look at the code you can get it from google code:

  1. buggyproject says:

    Hi, Azerdark,
    I’m a newbie at game programming, actually, I’m learning Java and C++ from books. I’m not even in High School, I’m 14, but I really want to make my own games. I am still learning simples things like loops and ifs, but I did a research and found out that there are a lot of engines out there for game / 3D programming, and I’d like your help. What do you think of GLUT? Of SDL? DirectX? Could you, please, help me? You can answer at my blog: or as a comment here. Sorry about my english, I’m brazilian, you know. Thank you!

    • azer89 says:

      Hi no problem, i think it’s great you learn programming in such of your young age, i myself did my first programming when i was 17. In my opinion you can try first how to code C++ better. You should have better grasp of Branching, Loop, Recursive, Some Algorithms, and of course the most important thing in C++, Pointer. Then you can try out OpenGL to learn about Computer Graphics. Then to make a game, you can use Engine, since create it from scratch by using OpenGL will be very time consuming. You can start using Ogre 3D since it’s frequently updated and has lot of plugins.
      Good luck :)

      • buggyproject says:

        Thanks, azer! I already know what branching and looping are, but I still don’t get recursion very well, and I’ve never read about pointers yet, so I think you’re right. About Ogre 3D, is it portable? Because I know how Mac users suffer every time they see a good game that’s made for “Windows Only” (I’m a Mac user). Still, I’m planning to use Bootcamp on my Mac, for running Windows too in my machine. Once again, thank you!

      • azer89 says:

        Well, the boundary isn’t the technology but your creativity itself, you can focus on learning one language as a start, then once you can master programming, switching between languages and use another technology won’t be really difficult anymore.

        My friends developed casual games for iPhone or iPad, i’m not sure what they use since my experience only in Windows and Linux but they use XCode and cocos2d

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