Kinect Joint Orientation Demo

Posted: March 18, 2012 in C/C++, Game Programming, Kinect, OGRE 3D
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Right now i’m experimenting with Kinect to animate a 3D model or model skinning by using Kinect. To calculate the joint orientation, first i need to obtain the three orthonormal axes (X, Y, and Z) and create Quaternion to change every bone orientation. By this way, the noise produces by Kinect can be reduced and character movement can look smoother and independent from position. Another advantage of using joint orientation, character movement isn’t depended to body posture and model scaling.

More info and source code:

  1. Feixiang Meng says:

    I am using the KinectSDK and OGRE to develop motion capture project. But I am a beginner, can you share me the source code. Thanks for your help. My e-mail is

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