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This is point cloud of Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall (中正紀念堂) Point Cloud. It has 559219 points and loaded using PCL.


I was experimenting surface reconstruction on point cloud. I used Greedy Triangulation Projection implemented in PCL. Here’s the input point cloud (i used dataset from here :

The result was saved in .PLY file format and displayed using MeshLab (

The result is not really good since the points are not dense enough. On the sparse areas it can easily produces holes. But I should admit this algorithm is really fast. I think I’ll try another algorithm such as poisson surface reconstruction to see whether it has better result or not :)

This week i was trying to get 3D keypoints from Point Cloud. I use PCL and the algorithm is based on 2004 David G. Lowe paper. In PCL, the algorithm is extended 2D + 1 in the spatial domain.
I was able to obtain the keypoint extraction through Difference of Gaussian. Currently i need to compute the keypoint descriptor and match it up to another point cloud. Unfortunately, since Point Cloud is 3D data, we can’t implement SIFT Descriptor instead it is replaced with PFH Descriptor.

Note: the red dots are the keypoint

Hello PCL

Posted: February 9, 2012 in C/C++, Point Cloud
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Hi, this article is about the very basic of PCL, how to install the dependencies, get PCL source code and build it :)

The first step is download all dependencies at the web page below:

On that page, OpenNI version is still 1.3, you can use the newer one, OpenNI 1.5.2. My system is Windows 7 x64 but all the dependencies are 32bit (it should be okay)

The next step is install OpenNI and Kinect driver first (

  1. OpenNI 1.5.2 Dev Stable
  2. Primesense NITE 1.5.2 Dev Stable
  3. OpenNI Kinect Driver,

Then All PCL dependencies:

  1. QHull 6.2.0
  2. VTK 5.8.0
  3. FLANN 1.7.1
  4. Eigen 3.0.3
  5. Boost 1.47.0
  6. NVIDIA GPU Computing SDK (optional)

Get PCL source by using SVN

How to compile PCL Library using Visual Studio:

Try out some OpenNI samples: