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In this article i will explain to how compile C++ library (OpenCV as an example), how to include the headers, linking the .lib files, and put the .dlls

You can read these two links to know the differences between Static Library ( and Dynamic Library (

This article assumes you have some knowledges in C/C++.  For short, compiling OpenCV and another C++ libraries is always similar and pretty easy after you know how. This tutorial will be in Visual Studio environment (2008 or 2010) .

1. The first step is to install CMake 2.8.x on your computer ( What is this CMake program? It simply prepares the C++ codes to be ready compiled from specified compiler (you know for windows, there are several compilers such as Cygwin, MinGW, Visual C++, etc.). This CMake is really useful to distribute C++ source code so it can be independent from other people’s Compiler and IDE.

2. Then download OpenCV library from sourceforge, the latest version is OpenCV 2.4.0 (

3. Since CUDA is getting popular and OpenCV also implements some of their libraries using CUDA, you can try to install CUDA.  But this is optional since not all computers have NVIDIA GPU. If you need to install CUDA, you can find it here (