Game Programming

RayIntersect on Terrain

Displaying Command Line on OGRE

OGRE Precompiled Header on VS 2010


Camera Rotation

Displaying Cursor

Draw Text

FPS Camera Algorithm

Game Engine

Implementing XAct in Our XNA Code

INVADERZ – My First XNA Game

Landscape Terrain (jOGL)

Load 3D Model


Rotated Camera

Set Up Camera


Transparent Effect


Using Effect

XAct Beginner Tutorial

A.R.M. Card – Dream Build Play 2010

Developing Game with XNA ? How to Deploy It into Xbox 360 ?

How To Get 12 Months XNA Creator Club Trial Membership

My Brand New Xbox 360

Xbox LIVE Connection using PC dan USB Modem

Accelerometer on AIR SDK

AIR Application on Android using FlashDevelop

Change Focus to Specified Movie Clip

“Hardcore” Programming in Flash Platform

(ummm… this one isn’t really about gaming,  just in case if you are interested in gesture recognition…)

Kinect Joint Orientation Demo

Kinect Usermap Filtering

Depth Sensors and SDKs Comparison

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